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  • Dreamcast Alice Sisters (new)
    Dreamcast Alice Sisters (new)

    Alice Sisters for Sega Dreramcast - new

    Discover ALICE SISTERS, the sequel to the Alice’s Mom’s Rescue game from studio OrionSoft.

    The big mountain villain captured the mom of Alice and her sister. Help Alice and her…

    € 35,00
  • Dreamcast Alice's Mom's Rescue (new)
    Dreamcast Alice's Mom's Rescue (new)

    Alice's Mom's Rescue for Sega Dreamcast - new

    DescriptionHelp the intrepid Alice help her mother!
    A giant crow has kidnapped Alice’s mother! Go rescue it as fast as possible in a wonderful world but full of mortal danger. Beat…

    € 35,00
  • Dreamcast Andro Dunos (new)
    Dreamcast Andro Dunos (new)

    Andro Dunos for Sega Dreamcast - new

    Andro Dunos original game (アンドロデュノス, in japanese) is a side scrolling arcade game from shoot’em up category (Shmup).
    Developed by Visco and Distributed in 1992 by SNK ON…

    € 30,00
  • Dreamcast Andro Dunos II - Space Songs Edition (new)
    Dreamcast Andro Dunos II - Space Songs Edition (new)

    Andro Dunos 2 - Space Songs Edition for Sega Dreamcast - new (including soundtrack)

    The sequel to the famous shoot’em up from Visco studio is coming to PixelHeart. It’s time to bring out your good old spaceship fighter in…

    € 45,00
  • Dreamcast Andro Dunos II (new)
    Dreamcast Andro Dunos II (new)

    Andro Dunos 2 for Sega Dreamcast - new

    The sequel to the famous shoot’em up from Visco studio is coming to PixelHeart. It’s time to bring out your good old spaceship fighter in ANDRO DUNOS 2.Once upon a time…
    Andro Dunos…

    € 35,00
  • Dreamcast Another World (new)
    Dreamcast Another World (new)

    Another World for Sega Dreamcast - new

    Rendez-vous in unknown land…
    During an experiment in his laboratory, Lester Knight Chaykin finds himself on an unknown planet where the least living being will want his life. Your only…

    € 37,00
  • Dreamcast Armed 7 (new)
    Dreamcast Armed 7 (new)

    Armed 7 for Sega Dreamcast - new

    € 35,00
  • Dreamcast Bang Bang Busters (new)
    Dreamcast Bang Bang Busters (new)

    Bang Bang Busters for Sega Dreamcast - new

    A terrible threat hanging over the galaxy!
    The distress signal sent by the planet Palua is a trap set for the two space policemen, Lazy and Refia. Escape from this trap by crossing…

    € 37,00
  • Dreamcast Battle Crust (new)
    Dreamcast Battle Crust (new)

    Battle Crust for Sega Dreamcast - new

    The fate of Earth depends on you!
    A mechanical army from space plans to invade our planet with a destructive weapon: the “Metal Crust”. Get on board your ship and counter the invasion in…

    € 37,00
  • Dreamcast Breakers (new) OOP
    Dreamcast Breakers (new) OOP

    Breakers for Sega Dreamcast - new (Out of Print)

    Put on your gloves and rain your teeth!
    Choose your champion among the 8 available and fight for your convictions in violent clashes.
    Unleash the combos of the different characters…

    € 45,00
  • Dreamcast Dux 1.5 (new)
    Dreamcast Dux 1.5 (new)

    Dux 1.5 for Sega Dreamcast - new

    DescriptionThe DUX game is back, more nervous than ever!
    On board your battleship, you will have to liquidate a good number of enemies who plan to attack our dear planet. A state-of-the-art…

    € 35,00
  • Dreamcast Finding Teddy (new) OOP
    Dreamcast Finding Teddy (new) OOP

    Finding Teddy for Sega Dreamcast - new

    A little girl was sleeping peacefully with her Teddy bear, when suddenly, a monster popped out from her cupboard then stole her favorite plush.
    When closing the door, the little girl awoke…

    € 45,00
  • Dreamcast Ganryu (new)
    Dreamcast Ganryu (new)

    Ganryu for Sega Dreamcast - new

    Musashi arrives on Dreamcast!
    After defeating Kojiro, his forever enemy, Musashi decides to join his beloved in Kyoto. However, the city is attacked by ninjas of unknown origin and have taken Otsu…

    € 35,00
  • Dreamcast Magic Pockets (new)
    Dreamcast Magic Pockets (new)

    Magic Pockets for Sega Dreamcast - new

    DescriptionBK is ready to do anything to recover his favorite toys!
    The young Bitmap Kid has pants with bottomless pockets, allowing him to store all his favorite toys. But these pockets…

    € 40,00
  • Dreamcast Rocketron (new)
    Dreamcast Rocketron (new)

    Rocketron for Sega Dreamcast - new

    DescriptionFly through the sky! Rain down fire on the enemy forces from above!

    Use your rocket musket and 8 different types of weapons to boost through the sky, charge enemies, and leap over…

    € 35,00
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