NES Quest Forge: By Order of Kings (new)

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Quest Forge: By Order Of Kings is a medieval action adventure RPG exclusively developed for Nintendo Entertainment System.
Sir Nils pledged allegiance to the King of Axvald castle. On a tragic day, the world orb got stolen, and now the kingdom needs you. By the orders of the king, you have to stop whoever is plotting to unleash evil on these lands. Get ready to explore the kingdom, from the depth of the sea to the highest mountain tops. On your way you’ll face many opponents and defeat your enemies, your duty won’t easy. Experience a unique combat system that combines timing and statistic based RPG fight to defeat your enemies. Seek 8 magical artifacts that will enhance Sir Nils abilities and revive the kingdom strongest legends. The kingdom needs you.

In this epic adventure you travel the lands of North Bazaaria to find and bring back the world orb. During your quest you will find many super powered items that will help you along the journey. You will meet many foes that will try to stop you from completing your mission. To overcome them you’ll have to improve your skills and discover better weapons. Find hidden objects and artefacts to grow your skills and get ready to defeat these evil monsters.

NEW EDITION – Limited to 1000 numbered copies + Certificate of authenticity Official game JoshProd / PixelHeart.

The game box contains:
– A 16-page manual
– NES cartridge
– Certificate of authentication limited edition

Compatible game NES PAL and NES NTSC US.
This product is not officially licensed, approved or endorsed by Nintendo.


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Nintendo NES



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JoshProd, PixelHeart





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PAL Version

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1000 Copies

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